The person behind Parrexion Games

Parrexion Games consists of Alexander Frisk, a solo programmer, who is developing strategic games with interesting twists on familiar game ideas to challenge the players. The games are made in 2D using Unity.

Alexander Frisk, aka Parrexion
Dragon, indie developer, and programmer.
Also speaks Japanese and plays the piano.

Gamedev journey

I've been making games my whole life all the way back in elementary when I was making up different games of make believe I would play together with my two brothers and friends. Once I sat down with Gamemaker 6 in 6th grade I was hooked by programming. I didn't really make any real video games until high school when I made a complete digital board game as my high school project.

But it wasn't until the last year of university that I actually realised that I could be working on making video games full time and started taking it seriously. I found myself a job at Zordix making racing games for about 4 years using Unity and learned a lot about game development that way.

Once I was done there I started thinking about creating my own game studio instead. I joined an incubator, signing up for their courses for learning how to run a business and started my own company. Right now I'm working hard on my first real commercial game release while trying to build a precence on the internet and looking for people interested to join the studio.

Work experience

Most of my working experience have I gotten at Zordix. I was one of the programmers working on their racing games for about 4 years. They are made using Unity which is now my engine of choice. 4 years of working on games in Unity at Zordix and Zordix Racing which also included some javascript for handling the servers.

At Zordix I've been mainly focused on working on the gameplay of the game. The UI and UX of the game is the thing that I have worked the most of and that is also where some of my passion lies. I have also worked on the ranking servers for their games and set up systems for storing both ranking points and leaderboard times along with weekly challenges that people can compete in globally.

Released titles

Worked as one of the main programmers for Overpass, released by Zordix Racing.
I have also helped out on both Aqua Moto Racing and Snow Moto Racing when I started at Zordix.

In my spare time I have produced several quality prototypes in Unity and also released a game for Android. That game is called "Tournament of the Elements" and offers the player a lot of hours of gameplay. It also have an implemented ad-system as well as achievements so I have done most things needed for releasing more games. I have also developed a collectible card game with online multiplayer and server-side logic using the Mirror plugin for Unity.

Favourite games

My top 3 consists of "The World Ends With You", "Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations", and "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward".

For me, what's important in games is the experience itself. That is both the story, the challenge and, last but not least, the music.

The story
Because video games allow you to tell stories in a completely different way from all other mediums. You can be in situations that you would never be in in real life and you also get to see people reacting in different ways from yourself.

The challenge
Because I'm a problem solver and solving difficult and interesting tasks gives me a kick and the amazing feeling you get when you overcome difficult tasks is hard to find in other places.

The music
There is just something about the music that brings so many feelings and helps you travel to a different place. The music is often surprisingly complex and interesting and with it being instrumental most of the time, it makes for great music to listen to while working.