Parrexion Games is a small indie studio from the northeren parts of Sweden consisting of the solo developer Parrexion. We mainly focus on making smaller 2D games which challenges players while making them feel smart for overcoming those challenges once they put in some work.

We are currently developing an equipment based auto-battler for PC, Android and iOS. You can try the demo right now on Steam and wishlist the game:

(The other platforms will be available later)

Game library

Here is a list of some of the best games and game prototypes from Parrexion Games. Most of the work has been done by their solo developer, Parrexion, using Unity with a 2D-artstyle. They have been made in the spare time before officially starting the studio and are therefore more like hobby projects than commercial projects.

All of these are playable and hopefully offer you something interesting, be it an interesting twist to a familiar concept or simply something that feels new while still being simple enough to grasp.

Dice Confrontation
Blind Eye
Rock Paper Roguelike
Molecule Wars